Create Kotlin Project In IntelliJ IDE

Coding in IDE instead of Code Editor can save you alote of time in complex projects by providing code completion, intelli-sense or refactoring code etc.Lets install everyone's favourite IDE.

IntelliJ comes with two versions: Ultimate and Community (free). For working with Kotlin, Community Version is fine.

Download IntelliJ IDE from

After installing IntelliJ IDE Create New Project and from left side select Kotlin and then select Kotlin (JVM) and click Next

Figure 1 - Select Kotlin Project

in next window type your kotlin project name, then provide JDK location by clicking New.. next to Project SDK and navigate to your JDK location and then click on Ok.

Figure 2 - Select JDK Location

then click on Finish.

In your IDE; right click on src folder, click on New and then click on Kotlin File/Class.

Figure 3 - Create Kotlin File

Type this code in your Kotlin file.

fun main(args : Array){
    println("Hello Kotlin From IntelliJ IDE");

To run this file go to Run Menu at top and then click on Run...

Figure 4 - Run Kotlin File

After running this file you will get this output

Hello Kotlin From IntelliJ IDE