Top 10 Best Free React Admin Panel Templates

by Azeem Tariq

Posted 1 year ago

Last Updated 1 year ago


ReactJS is the JavaScript library that is used for a user interface. Facebook, groups of developers and different companies are maintaining it. In this post, we will share the best free amazing react admin portal themes with you so in your next amazing project you can use one of these free admin templates in your project.

In this modern era of science and technology, every individual is using digital technology in some way. Nowadays every third person has its own website or web portal that they are managing. Individuals use the websites and mobile applications to run their business and for other purposes. 

Management and tracking the performance of a business is not costly now. Web developers have developed a lot of intelligent, creative responsive and free admin templates. Today I will show you some amazing and powerful free ReactJS Admin Templates that will be helpful in managing users, your business and keeping track of the data that is important for you such as, number of users who visited your website, the topics which gained the attention of visitors etc.

React Admin Dashboard Templates

1. CoreUI

CoreUI Admin Templete screenshot

CoreUI is an open source admin template based on Bootstrap 4. It is built by using React.js, Bootstrap 4 HTML, Vue.js and Angular 2+ technology. It is a responsive, creative and intelligent admin template that provides various useful features to customize your website by building awesome User Interface. It provides 50+ ready to use UI components that can be customized according to the user needs.

It provides two version that is CoreUI and CoreUI Pro. The CoreUI provide some basic features and few plugins whereas the Pro version provides the more advanced features, styles, themes, user interface and plugins like Full Calendar, Data Tables, jQuery UI, jQuery Validation, jQuery Masked Input, DateRangePicker, Ladda Buttons, Quill Text Editor, SpinKit, Email Message, Email Compose, Email Inbox, Access to private GitHub repository etc.

2. ReactJS-AdminLTE

React AdminLte template screenshot

This admin template provides different UI components, widgets, graphs, charts, and several other features. It has a simple and attractive layout.

3. ReactDirector

react director admin templete

This template uses React.js Framework, Redux, saas, and other similar frameworks.


Some features of this template are as follows:

  • StatsCard
  • EarningGraph
  • Notifications
  • Charts
  • Responsive navigation menu
  • Graphs
  • Alerts

4. React Blur Admin

react blur admin template

This template is not fully implemented that is it is partially developed. It provides some basic functionalities and features such as basic widgets, basic UI components, pages, notifications, alerts, tables, spinner, dropdown menus, progress bars etc.

5. Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

light bootstrap dashboard template

It is a beautifully designed simple, responsive and easy to use Admin template. It is developed by using Light Bootstrap Dashboard and ReactJS. It provides different features and user interface elements collection that the user can use according to his requirement. It can’t be only used for the creation of admin panel but also can be used in project management systems, at the backend of web applications and CRM.

6. React Reduction

react reduction admin template

It is another Admin template based on a ReactJS framework. It consists of widgets, graphs, charts, buttons, text fields, charts and other features required by the admin. Its interface is attractive and easy to use.

7. Crystal React Bootstrap Dashboard

This admin dashboard can be used for multiple purposes. It is built by using React, Bootstrap, and Redux. Different types of companies and business such as health care centers can use this dashboard for managing their administration task as it consists of many amazing and powerful features that can be used easily by all types of audience.


  • Google Maps
  • User Interaction components like buttons
  • Notifications
  • Uber Vector Map
  • Redux Form
  • Alerts
  • Calendar 

8. SB Admin React

SB Admin React Template

This project is the extension of SB Admin v2.0 Admin Bootstrap Theme. It is based on React.js and used ES6 and Webpack. For your React.js Dashboard App, it is the best option.


Some amazing features are available in this ReactJS based Theme. Few of these features are as follows:

  • JQuery charts plugins 
  • Sharing option through Google+, Facebook and Twitter 
  • Responsive navigation menu and sidebar
  • Automation tool
  • Bootsnipp enabled Login Page

9. React UI Material Admin Template

react ul material admin

React and Material UI components are used to develop this simple and responsive free admin template. It is free and easy to use. It helps to manage the admin tasks and for the analysis and management of website traffic and data.

10. Tabler React

It is another Free and open source ReactJS Admin template. It provides various features for the admin and can be customized according to the needs.