How to Dual Boot Android 4.4 with Windows 10

by Azeem Tariq

Posted 2 years ago

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Hello guys , In this guide i will show you how to install Android OS 4.4  KitKat on your laptop and Dual Boot it with windows so that you can use both windows and android in same laptop.  I also make video tutorial on this topic so if you face problem then i recommend you to watch above video :) If you want to Dual Boot Android OS 4.4 with Windows 8.1 then watch this video :)



I am assuming that you know how to make bootable USB for Android OS but if you do not then i recommend you to watch this video.



About Android

Android is an operating system (OS) based on the Linux kernel and currently developed by Google. Google provides major incremental upgrades to Android every six to nine months android 4.4 is a version of the Android mobile operating system developed by Google. If you want more information about android OS then visit Android OS Wiki

Install & Dual Boot Android with Windows

Download android ISO file From Android OS Download Page To install Android 4.4 , first of all we have to create spare free space in our hard disk. For this.. Right click on your THIS PC and click on manage.  

Disk management

then click on Disk Management.

Manage disk for installation of Android

Right click on your disk from which you want to spare free space, and then click on shrink volume.

Shrink volume for installation of Android.

  Now enter 4 GB of space and click on Shrink.  

Create 4 GB space for installation of Android.

You will see 3.91 GB of space allocated to spare disk.

4 GB free allocated space.

Now enter the disk or any drive having files of android 4.4..

Now Re-start your computer.

go to boot menu and click on install android-x 86 to hard disk.

Menu for Android installation.

Now click on Create partition.

Create partition for Android installation.

Now select FREE SPACE DISK and then select NEW and then press Enter.

Create New partition for Android

Now click on PRIMARY.

Primary Partition type

Now select newly formed disk and and also select on WRITE and press Enter.

Writing partition disk.

Now type "yes" and press enter

android partition conformation

Now select on QUIT and press Enter.

Quit partition after completion.

Now select a newly formed partition to install Android-x 86.

select partition to install Android

Now select a file system to format.

Selecting file system to formating

Confirm to change partition format , type Select YES and press enter

confirm partition format

Select YES and press ENTER to install GRUB Loader , this will help you to Dual Boot Windows and Android at boot time


install Grub boot loader

Select YES and press ENTER here again to add Windows Item in GRUB Boot Loader

create windows boot loader item

Now Android OS is Being installing on your computer.

installing Android

Now select REBOOT and press Enter.

Reboot Android after completion of installation

Now select windows to use Windows and select Android-x 86 to use Android.

Dual Boot Android with Windows

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