Top 9 Free/Open Source YouTube Clone Scripts

by Azeem Tariq

Posted 2 years ago

Last Updated 1 year ago


Open Source YouTube Clone scripts

YouTube is the most famous American based video sharing website. This platform was firstly created in 2005 by three developers. In 2006 Google bought YouTube on Google platform. Now it is one of the main Google’s subsidiaries.

YouTube is the best video sharing website and it is also a second largest search engine in 2018, that means people like videos more than reading text online so everyone wants to create his own website like YouTube but don't know how. This Post is just for you, in this post I will share 9 best YouTube clone scripts, by using these scripts you can easily create a website like YouTube with Zero Programming Skills for free.

YouTube is an easy and user-friendly platform for all types of audience. You just need to upload a video them set title, description of your video and set most suitable tags. The description and tags of your video play a vital role in boosting your content and for Search Engine Optimization. It also helps the viewers to understand the topic of your video and to which subject are you addressing. Try to use the most suitable and trending keywords as many as possible so that your video will boost and get more views.

Free Youtube Clone Scripts

1. VueTubes

VueTubes is one of the best software for sharing videos. It has similar functionalities to YouTube. It has its own Video streaming software like YouTube. We all know that today everyone watches online videos for entertainment and educational purposes. Video sharing websites are becoming popular among the people and gained a high reputation among their users. Now they become essential for the people.

Nowadays these websites are also used for marketing and promoting business, products, and services. VueTubes is built by using MintTM platform provides a stable and effective YouTube Clone Script that fulfill your all requirements. It provides the easiest way to create and design your own Video Streaming website.


1. Basic

This version provides you with some basic and common features that are necessary for the Video Streaming website. It doesn’t provide more advanced features.


Following are the common features provided by the basic version:

  • User registration based on email
  • Video Player integration
  • Notification through email
  • Newsletter
  • Help
  • Search Engine Optimized URL

It also provides different features for admin and users. It provides management related features for the admin such as video management, video language management, channel management etc. The user features include most commonly used user features such as a user-friendly dashboard, watch later list, login option etc.

2. Standard

It contains some additional features in addition to the features provided in the basic version. Following are the additional features provided in the standard version:

  • Google Analytics
  • Banner and Video Advertisements
  • Blog
  • PayPal integration
  • Easy management and maintenance

It provides some additional features for admin and users in addition to the basic features. Some of the advanced features for the admin is commission management, statistics management, advertisement price management, admin can export channels with CSV and XLS, Admin side notification management, etc. Additional advanced level features and services are provided to the users in this version. This version enables users to get login by using Google+ account, users can be able to see the history, can search and also comment. Users can also see the history of payments and earning. Users can create unlimited playlists and also can see the videos on different social media platforms.

2. YouPHPTube

YouPHPTube is another popular free open source YouTube Clone Script that is easily available to everyone. The best idea of developing YouPHPTube is to dissipate videos having any type of sensitive content and to replace the other video sharing websites like YouTube in a distributed way.


It allows the users to:

  • Import and embed videos from other sites
  • Create his own video sharing website
  • Live streaming by using latest technologies.
  • Quick response
  • Video Download
  • Unlimited playlists
  • User Channels
  • Responsive theme
  • User Statistics
  • Advertisement
  • Multiple Plugins support
  • Google Advertisement sense
  • Translation of different languages
  • User login by using Google+ and Facebook account

3. MediaGlobin

MediaGlobin is another popular and free open source YouTube Clone Script. It allows you to publish video media and to make a decentralized substitute to the other similar sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud etc.


Some of the exceptional features of MediaGlobin are as follows:

  • It allows the user to develop tools by using the decentralization concept
  • It supports multiple media platforms to share, upload and download videos.
  • It provides an easy and flexible graphic user interface
  • It also supports the community feature to help purpose

4. CumulusClips

CumulusClips allows you to create your own video sharing website. It is an open source and user-friendly platform. It enables the user to upload and download videos, comment and share videos.It creates HTML5 based videos that are compatible with different devices like mobile phones(Android based as well as iOS based), tablets, and also various versions of popular browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer etc.


It provides the following features:

  • Simple installation
  • Easy to use
  • Update automatically
  • Upload and embed videos quickly
  • Ready to use themes
  • Supports mobiles
  • Supports translation
  • Responsive

5. ViMP

It is another open source and free YouTube Clone Script. Enterprise and community version is provided by ViMP. The community version is totally free, and it allows you to create your own video sharing website. Whereas Enterprise version is paid. If you want to create on-demand portals, eLearning websites, campus solution or similar type of another video-based website then this software is the best solution for your needs.


  • Fully customizable
  • Secure
  • Provide hosting services
  • Highly interoperable
  • High reliability
  • Secure cloud service
  • Rapid deployment
  • Provide all necessary features and services

6. Plumi

It is the one of the best software for video sharing having a simple and attractive layout and design. It provides a user-friendly interface that anyone can easily operate. FOSS content Management system Plone is used to develop Plumi.


Following are the few features provided by Plumi:

  • Responsive themes
  • Support different electric devices of various sizes
  • Playback support
  • Support both types of operating system that is Android and iOS
  • Fully customizable
  • Video Embedding
  • Supports creation of subtitles
  • Supports 35+ international languages
  • Easy Uploading and downloading of video
  • RSS Feeds
  • Video browsing service
  • Advanced search
  • Unlimited playlists creation
  • Allows users to comment
  • Admin Panel
  • Automatic updates
  • User Panel
  • Video Collection
  • Open Content Licensing

7. ClipBucket

It is not just a video sharing software but a complete multimedia solution. It manages different types of media like videos, audios and photographs. It is a free and open source platform. It is the best solution for all the users.


It provides the following features:

  • HLS
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • Unlimited playlists
  • Uploading and downloading of video
  • Playback
  • HTML5 based Player
  • Pay per View
  • Inbuilt messaging system for Admin
  • Secure
  • Responsive design
  • Social Connect
  • Support Multiple Servers
  • Ad management

8. MediaDrop

It is also a free open source platform that provides enterprise-level technologies and flexible player architecture. It provides the simplest platform to use by the users. Users can upload the videos by just one simple click. It is similar to YouTube. The backend of this platform is also simple and easy to understand. Users can share the videos on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. It also enables users to comment and embed their videos. It also allows users to embed video from different platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc.


  • Responsive
  • Playback support
  • Support various devices having a different screen resolution
  • Supports Android and iOS platform
  • Supports multiple browsers
  • Content Management
  • User content generation
  • Statistics management
  • Supports HTML5
  • Enable user to store video anywhere
  • Enable user to share a video on different social media platforms

9. VideoShare VOD

It is another free open source CMS that is developed by using WordPress technology. It is the helpful solution to create Video on Demand platform. By using the paid version, you can easily create video advertisement network. It also supports live streaming by using a webcam, video chatting, recording by using a webcam.


Some of the extraordinary and exceptional features of VideoShare are as follows:

  • Supports HTML5
  • Drag and Drop facility
  • AJAX supportability
  • HLS playback support
  • Multi-video uploader
  • Support mobile phones and computers of different resolution and sizes
  • RTMP playback support
  • Automatic updates
  • Easily integrate with WordPress themes and templates
  • MediaElement.js
  • VAST
  • Supports Google Ad Sense
  • Live streaming
  • Video on Demand