Top free 4 Hosts that provide Remote Access to MySQL Database

by Azeem Tariq

Posted 2 years ago

Last Updated 1 year ago


Hosts who Provide Remote Access to MySQL

Hi , friends if you are looking for Hosts that provide Remote Access to MySQL Database , then this post is just for you ;) . when i was developing C# Desktop Application and i require MySQL Database that allows Remote Access because i want to access database remotely with my application.
After searching a lot i find 4 resources that are perfect for me , so i decided to share it.

4-Free MySQL

This is at number 4 in my list , due to some reasons , i did not verify it whether it is working or not , but i am sure it will works just fine.


Heliohost is at number 3 in my list , its is web hosting provider company that provides Remote MySQL Access to their users , it is completely free.

2-Free SQL Database

Free SQL Database is at number 2 in my list , because it try it and it works fine for me , but they provide one 5 MB Space for your Database , if you want more space then you need to upgrade your plane by giving some $$ :) .


DB4Free is at number 1 in my list because it is verified by me and it is just awesome , they provide you 200 MB space for database and it is more then enough for testing or small application . If you know any other resource that provide remote access to MySQL database please comment below and i will update my list.